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Should you cut the grass the same way every time?

Oct 5

It's something that most homeowners don't know, but lawn problems can be caused by improper mowing. It's easy to fix. It is much simpler than trying to diagnose or treat a disease, pest or weed problem. Lawn Worx offers basic lawn care tips that will keep your lawn looking great.

Do I have to change my direction every time I mow?


Yes! Why? Why? Because grass that is repeatedly mowed in the same direction will be trained to only lean in one direction. Rotating the tracks repeatedly can result in soil compaction and rutting. This is when soil particles become too compacted, making it difficult for water and air to reach lawn roots.


Mowing in one direction can cause the lawn to look tired over time. The ideal grass stem should be straight up and tall. This is possible by mowing in various directions. For more details, check out Best Lawn Mowing Pattern.

What does it matter where I cut my lawn?

Does direction matter? The answer is yes. If you mow your lawn the same way every time, you can cause two problems: your lawn will become dense and may start to grow in one direction. These problems can be avoided by switching your mowing style each time. If you alternate the direction you travel when you mow your lawn, it will help to avoid compaction. Also, the lawn won't grow in the same direction as you do every other time.

Does my lawn is affected by my mower?

Sharp vs. Dull Blades

When mowing, you need to be aware of not only the weather but also the condition and age of your mower. A mower's condition can also have an impact on the health of your lawn. If your mower blades become dull, they can tear the leaf tissue from the grass blade instead of cutting cleanly. Frayed grass blades result from the tearing of leaf tissue. They turn brown and leave your lawn with a brownish or tanned appearance for several days. This not only makes your grass look bad but can also make it more susceptible to disease organisms. It is important to ensure that your mower and blades are in good working order at the beginning of every season.