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Is Topsoil the Same as Lawn Soil?

Oct 18

Topsoil and lawn soil are not the same thing. Lawn soil can have rocks, clay and dirt, while Topsoil may contain loose dirt, soil, and healthy microbes. Topsoil can be used to promote root growth in your lawn or garden. For filling large holes, lawn soil is more suitable. However, the top six inches of the property should be filled with Topsoil.

Here, lawn care in Phoenix explains the differences between topsoil and lawn soil. Additionally, we will explain what happens when Topsoil is used on lawns.

Is Lawn Soil the same as Topsoil?

Topsoil and lawn soil have many different characteristics. Too much lawn soil can limit the growth of your plants and cause drainage problems. It can help retain water if it is combined with Topsoil. It is possible to combine both soils for the best results.

These are the differences between topsoil and lawn soil:

Topsoil can be spread in a spreader but not in lawn soil

Topsoil tends to be less dense than lawn soil. The soil spreader's mesh gate allows loose Topsoil to pass through. The spreader won't allow the lawn soil's thick dirt or rocks to fall through, and it is likely too heavy for most spreaders.

Topsoil is composed of organic materials. 

Lawn soil can often contain clay and stones. To prevent stones from slowing grass growth, limiting drainage must be removed from the ground. Lawn soil promotes root growth, while Topsoil does the opposite.

Grass seedlings grow much faster in Topsoil than in grass soil

Topsoil is suitable for seedlings because they are delicate and require loose dirt. Topsoil has more nutrients than clay-packed lawn soil and is better at absorbing sunlight and water.

Companies don't often sell lawn soil. However, hundreds of companies offer Topsoil. 

Many lawn soils are sold to fill large yards or level the ground for residential and commercial properties. Topsoil is a great way to grow grass, flowers and trees.

Michigan Peat Garden Magic Topsoil can be spread in spreaders or by hand. It is lightweight and loose, which makes it ideal for growing grass and new gardens. It can be applied to existing lawns to promote overseeding and root development.

We often include clay and crushed rock in lawn soil. Usually, lawn soil is made up of old Topsoil filled with clay and other natural debris.

What is Topsoil like?

Topsoil and lawn soil are similar because they contain dirt and other organic material. Topsoil can be used to fill in holes and grow plants. After Topsoil has become compacted and saturated, many people convert it to lawn soil. Here are some similarities between topsoil & lawn soil.

Both Topsoil and soil can have sand

Topsoil often has sand as it promotes water retention and filtration. The sand prevents weeds from growing beneath the grass. Many people add sand to the top of the bare soil to prevent weeds from pushing through the mud.

People use soils for both gardens and lawns. 

Haynes explains how people use grounds for their gardens and lawns. These soils can be used to grow many plants. The type of soil will determine what plants you can grow.

Topsoil usually turns into lawn soil within a few years

Topsoil is combined with soil minerals, clay, and seeds to make lawn soil. This is not the best soil for new grass or other plants. Lawn soil is dense and creates a good foundation for Topsoil.

To make your compost more fertile

add Topsoil and lawn soil. These soils contain dirt and other organic material that aid in compost's decomposition. This is an excellent base for the nitrogen, carbon and other organic materials needed to make the ultimate natural fertilizer.

You can see that Topsoil is very similar to lawn soil. Mixing them is understandable, especially if the soil is nutrient-dense and loose. Topsoil is vital because the ground is often made of clay and rocks, making it difficult to grow new grass.

Can topsoil be used for lawns?

Topsoil can also be used on lawns to encourage root depth, grass growth, and water retention. To prevent weeds from growing, make sure to oversee the property. 

Topsoil is rich in everything weeds need, so it is best to avoid areas that aren't covered. These are the top three things to remember when applying Topsoil to lawns.

Fill holes up to six inches deep with Topsoil. 

If the holes are more than six inches deep, I recommend you fill them with lawn soil or dirt. However, professional fillers can fill the gaps until they reach six inches. Add Topsoil to the hole, and place the stones or seeds you wish to serve. If you want to stop weeds from growing, never leave the soil unattended.

To loosen clay-laden soil, you can till it until it is no longer compact. 

Then, add the Topsoil to the ground and rake it in. This will aerate the soil and cycle the nutrients. You can use aerating boots and an aerating rolling tool to loosen the dirt.

To rejuvenate the soil

add a 1-inch layer of Topsoil to the lawn each year. The Topsoil naturally becomes compacted from rain, settling, and the weight of stones and plants. Topsoil can be added to the property yearly to encourage growth, particularly if you supervise it.


Here you read in detail about the differences between topsoil and lawn soil as they’re not the same. Hopefully, this will help you a lot. Moreover, if you need any lawn care services, then contact our lawn maintenance near phoenix az services.